Wahakura Wānanga

What is a wahakura?
wahakura:(noun) woven harakeke bassinet for infants. 

Who is facilitating this wānanga:
As part of our Pūmotomoto programme – supporting the first 2000 days of life. We are providing this wānanga at no cost, it is part of several wrap-around services for whānau.

No weaving experience needed. You will be fully supported by our Kairāranga, Mihi Adams. 

Wahakura Wānanga focuses on: 

  • Learning tikanga/karakia for gathering harakeke, preparing and weaving of your taonga wahakura in a calming environment. 
  • Gaining knowledge about the purpose of wahakura and the benefits of providing a safe sleeping space for your pēpi. 

What do I need to bring?

We will provide you with all the tools needed to complete your wahakura, including mattress and sheets. kai will also be provided. 

We just ask you to come with a willing and open attitude and to enjoy the learning that occurs throughout the two days. 


Weave your wairua into your wahakura and surround your pēpi with aroha