About Us

We are a kaupapa Māori support service in Ōtautahi. We have developed a new service in response to the large body of research and knowledge that highlights the first 2000 days of life (conception to 5 years) as the most critical for early brain development. It impacts lifelong hauora (health and wellbeing) and social outcomes. Our service is called Pūmotomoto; the long flute that traditionally chants whakapapa and mātauranga māori wisdom and knowledge through the fontanelle of pēpi in the womb, at birth and in infancy. It is also the Te Reo word for fontanelle.

The first 2000 days of life are the most critical for brain development.  90% of human brain growth occurs at this time! Pēpi from conception to five years is very much moulded by their environment and experiences. From the moment of conception a baby is storing information from their environment which influences their life journey and outcomes. Humans are born with a need for connection and relationship. Nurturing and responsive relationships provide the foundation for best brain growth. Without it pēpi cannot thrive and meet their full potential.

Our service provides wrap around support for whānau, to allow them to care for and nurture pēpi to the best of their ability. Pēpi are taonga and deserve the opportunity to prosper.

Our Services

Pūmotomoto is based in Phillipstown under the support of Te Oriori (0-12 year programme) and provides:

  • Lead Maternity Care services with Manaakitia Midwives
  • Mātauranga Māori support
  • Whānau voice
  • Hapū wananga (antenatal education)
  • Programme Lead – Neurodevelopmental Physiotherapist
  • Kaitautoko support workers
  • Perinatal Counsellor
  • Bereavement support
  • Nurse
  • Lactation Consultant/Breastfeeding Peer Supporter
  • Parent education
  • Health and wellbeing education e.g Smokefree and Nutrition
  • Rongoā
  • Volunteer support

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